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2021 Global Blockchain Employment and Jobs Report
photo showing blockchain as the new corporation with business professionals working collaboratively in a decentralized autonomous organization - DAO
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With most people spending less than five years in every job, it’s no wonder they’re looking for promising new career opportunities. Blockchain specialists earn more than individuals in corresponding positions in other industries. Also, during Covid-19, there was a massive increase in remote jobs worldwide, and employees in blockchain are 22% more likely to get employed than traditional employment.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized and transparent way of recording lists of transactions. It debuted on January 3, 2009, and got the most extensive attention in 2017, during the cryptocurrency bubble. Blockchain technology’s potential applications are endless, from online payments, improvement of product transparency, reducing fraud and corruption, administrative processes, and potentially managing driverless cars.

Nowadays, blockchain jobs come in all forms and present in all industries, from highly technical roles that need to understand different programming languages to support communication and design-related positions. Blockchain developers, blockchain engineers, are the functions that have the highest demand, but the needs for other roles are growing as well. Also, the blockchain industry’s salaries are much higher than those in complementary positions with conventional employers, but capitalizing on these unprecedented opportunities requires upskilling in the latest trends and technologies.

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image representing the current state of the blockchain jobs market which links to the 2021 global blockchain employment report


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