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3 Reasons Why Companies – cva
photo of modern workforce integrating blockchain technologies on supply chain and business automation tools and methods
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Blockchain networks built on novel principles like permission-less use, open access, and decentralized infrastructure devoid of the control by one person are hallmarks of the emerging technology. With Blockchain now considered a core IT business strategy – and blockchain business use cases on the rise – a theory that is gaining a solid foothold across multiple industries and sectors is taking shape.

The idea is that Savvy companies who recognize the technology’s disruptive potential and immediately cultivate blockchain talent will gain a significant strategic advantage over those who do not

Moreover, the theory posits that companies that control today’s blockchain talent may indeed rule over tomorrow’s Blockchain industry. The reasoning is that blockchain skills and expertise will be in high demand in the next few years. With forecasts predicting massive Blockchain adoption across multiple industries and sectors, the technology’s business applications will evolve from supporting transactions to providing market-driven blockchain-based products, services, and applications.

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image representing the current state of the blockchain jobs market which links to the 2021 global blockchain employment report


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