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image showing companies operating under a decentralized autonomous organization through the power of blockchain technology

Blockchain as the New Corporation – Moving to a Decentralized Autonomous Orga...

If you have not heard of the term DAO, it is the short form of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. You are going to hear it frequently in the blockchain era. Blockchain technology has acquired tremendous traction in almost all industries. For inst...

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photo representing the 2021 global blockchain employment report for technical and non-technical jobs and careers in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report

With most people spending less than five years in every job, it’s no wonder they’re looking for promising new career opportunities. Blockchain specialists earn more than individuals in corresponding positions in other industries. Also, du...

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photo of modern workforce integrating blockchain technologies on supply chain and business automation tools and methods

3 Reasons Why Companies – cva

Blockchain networks built on novel principles like permission-less use, open access, and decentralized infrastructure devoid of the control by one person are hallmarks of the emerging technology. With Blockchain now considered a core IT business stra...

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image representing the current state of the blockchain jobs market which links to the 2021 global blockchain employment report


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